Hi Friends!

The Nine of Diamonds is known as the ‘unhappy giver’. Why? Nines are about completions or endings, and since the Diamond suit rules our finances and values, it is only natural that those born today may be ungrateful about not holding onto what they value most.  Those born today may have feelings of entitlement and that others are just a means to an end with the 4 of Hearts in Saturn, making their personal and close relationship feel more burdensome than beneficial.  Gemini’s planetary ruler is Mercury and for today’s birthday that card is the seven of Spades. They have a tendency to be pessimistic in their communications and things that happen quickly. They need to plan events and their week (even putting grocery shopping on the calendar). However, there is always a brighter side for each card and for some they are able to become successful in the field of sales. They have a certain restless to them and they do well when mixing business and travel.

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