Those born today have the 5 of Clubs Sun Card and the 7 of Hearts for their Planetary Ruling Card.

Time to get your adventure on! The 5 of Clubs people love to travel, move about, and change their mind – especially in the love department. They have the 5 of Hearts first karma card and they put a lot of energy into change in their close friendships, family, and loved ones. Relationships work best when they find a partner whom can allow them all the freedom they desire.

Bringing in the 7 of Hearts this makes for a bit trickier in the relationship department. They may vacillate between wanting freedom and feeling as though they aren’t loved enough.

But on the complete bright side – the 5 of Clubs has the ‘Millionaire’s Card’ in Jupiter for their Life Spread. They will have the money to do all the traveling they desire!

For today – let the restlessness guide you. Get out there and go for a drive, move the furniture, pick up a new book, or even decide on taking a class.

As always, for more insight and in-depth reading, book a Destiny Card Reading with Namjeev.

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