Those born today have the 7 of Clubs Sun Card and the Jack of Clubs for their Planetary Ruling Card.

The Seven of Clubs is driven by power, and can also slip into phases where their pessimism gets the better of their outlook on life. This balance through can be helpful for them in their quest for fame and recognition because they may be more apt to down play it because they’ve already started thinking (at least) on the next goal they want to achieve. Working their way through the mundane knowledge for more spiritual knowledge is part of their life quest, especially when dealing with their pessimistic attitude.

The Jack of Clubs is very creative and smart. Those born today are very mental, love to create, and are good at it. While this also lends to some Peter Pan attitudes, the Jack of Clubs are fun people to be around (unless their pessimism gets the better of them).

For today – Tap into the smart and creative energy of the double Clubs.  Use your mental powers for building a plan for your success.

As always, for more insight and in-depth reading, book a Destiny Card Reading with Namjeev.

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