Those born today have the 10 of Clubs Sun Card and the 3 of Hearts for their Planetary Ruling Card.

10 of Clubs person and their high-powered mind need to dive deeper into their spiritual side of life or they may have a tendency towards dishonesty. They make great teachers and educators, and are very independent. Once they find their life’s purpose their work will take on a whole new meaning, until then they have a hard time figuring out what to do because they are great at accomplishing everything they put their mind to.

Adding in the 3 of Hearts Planetary Ruling Card can bring in more uncertainty and freedom oriented side to their romances. This may bring in a tendency to be more flexible in their sexuality than some of the more rigid 10 of Clubs birthdays.

For today – utilize your mind for expression in the heart or emotions, but don’t stay there.

As always, for more insight and in-depth reading, book a Destiny Card Reading with Namjeev.

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