Those born today have the Queen of Clubs Sun Card and the 3 of Diamonds for their Planetary Ruling Card.

As I have mentioned before the Queen of Clubs is known as the Queen of Mean – and she can be that. When those born today tap into their intuition they have a hard time holding back. They have a quick tongue and believe it’s in your best interest to hear it now. Often times they may be right, but if they are not sitting in their divine and listening with an open heart they will cut you off mid-sentence with what they see, which isn’t the entire picture.

The creative side to this person and being that it’s also a fiery Aries birthday will add some fuel to their creativity, their quick tongued nature, or can even bring them into a manic worrier over finances.

Tip:  When dealing with a Queen of Clubs, be clear in your words with them and it might be helpful to preface a conversation with whether or not you’re seeking their advice.

As always for more insight into your personal cards, book a Destiny Card Reading with Namjeev.



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