Those born today have the 3 of Diamonds Sun Card and the 9 of Spades for their Planetary Ruling Card.

You are the creative money worrier. Doesn’t sound that great does it? You strive for balance with finances and within your value system(s). I say systems because the 3 is essentially the two plus one aspect of our lives. We have a main foundation and add in more. These people will tend to have two different jobs or careers during their lifetime. They have the 6 of Hearts for their first karma card; they will be putting in a good deal of energy into their relationships because they take on a karmic tone; they experience a balancing out of past relationships.

The 9 of Spades as planetary ruling card brings in the element of health issues throughout their life. They may be a bit cocky or arrogant in matters of work, health, and lifestyle because they are the graduation card for these areas.

For these people to work through their issues in life they need to work on a stronger balance within their own relationship with their physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. Creating and maintaining a daily spiritual practice will help their worrying side that can get pessimistic about relationships. Being active and involved with volunteer work will be highly beneficial as well.

As always for more insight into your personal cards, book a Destiny Card Reading with Namjeev.



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