Those born today have the 4 of Diamonds Sun Card and the 8 of Diamonds for their Planetary Ruling Card.

Dive into restlessness and desire for freedom to fill your need for financial security and satisfaction today. The 4 of Diamonds has the 5 of Hearts and 5 of Spades for karma cards making them the most restless out of all the Four’s. This can either bring around enough confusion for those seeking security in traditional forms. They do well when they find occupations that involve travel.

Adding the powerful 8 of Diamonds and its desire for fame and recognition gives these particular 4 of Diamonds people a happier time through life. The Pisces is the dreamer and today’s birthday is no slacker on that, they dream big and through hard work will achieve all the success they want.

Today is a great day for a short trip, unplugging from the computer and getting out to experience what nature or your city has to offer.

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