Those born today have a 5 of Diamond Sun Card and the Jack of Diamonds for their Planetary Ruling Card.

Five of Diamonds is restless with money and values.  Often times they shift their career to something completely different at least once or twice in their life. Trouble with authority figures makes it hard for them to remain a company man for long periods of time.  They tend to push back at every turn. When building their own business 5 of Diamond people tend to worry about money and second guess their decisions. It’s easy when they don’t have to like what the boss is deciding because they know of a better way to do it, but when it comes down to them being the boss there isn’t a gauge for them to push against. This makes them good with other ways of doing things but not necessarily the best with seeing them to completion.

Adding in the Jack of Diamonds and this person can pretty much sell you anything.  They love to have freedom and will most likely not marry. While they do have a tendency towards codependent relationships those born today they have a bigger need for freedom and travel.

How to work through the tough issues? Those born today will need to dig deep into their spiritual practice, and typically one without a leader so their authority figure issues aren’t activated, so they may be able to shed their pessimism and self-doubt around success. They are creative and do well to dive into physically writing about their feelings and not focusing on the other person’s actions.

They do tend to be liked by their friends and do well in their social circles, although deep down they don’t feel like it.

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