Those born today have the 6 of Diamonds Sun Card and the Queen of Diamonds for their Planetary Ruling Card.

The Lonely Heiress 6 of Diamonds can be a tough Sun Card to have.  They have struggles in relationships and are generally calculating and a bit manipulative as they tend to marry for financial reason over those of love.  Their work life is creative and they can make good managers as long as they are able to know their worth within the company.

Having the Queen of Diamonds for their Planetary Ruling Card is great for the business minded 6 of Diamonds.  They can dream big and achieve big goals.  Very proud and sometimes a bit arrogant because they want what they want when they want it.

Being that today is all about Double Diamonds our focus will be around things we value, our worth, our finances, etc… Not a bad idea to look over your monthly budget or long-term financial plans and see if there are adjustments to make.  6’s all want to create the peace and settle our affairs.  If we have debts to pay, today those might come up for you today.  Likewise if there are IOU’s out there you might just get paid, but I wouldn’t go around asking for the money.

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