Those born today have the 7 of Diamonds as their Sun Card and the King of Diamonds for their Planetary Ruling Card.

Today is centered around business and creating success.  The 7 of Diamonds is known as the millionaires card when it shows up in your spread.  Although to really harness its potential you will need to understand what relationships to release, and take the higher more spiritual road.  Do your best to stay open-minded and flexible today, you’ll need it.

Having the 7 of Diamonds be your personal sun card life can feel very ambitious and a drive to have it all.  These people are very devoted to their family (how ever that is created) and also very ambition with money and career.  Their family may consist of friends, lovers, ex’s, and of course actually creating a family.  They are good at bringing others into their lives and treating them like family.  The flip side for those born today is that it is their kingdom.  They may be a bit controlling, strong-willed, proud, arrogant, and proud.

The King of Diamonds is the business man and those 7 of Diamonds with this combination will have trouble if things aren’t going their way.  They have a specific vision and want it to go smoothly.

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