Those born today has the 9 of Diamonds as their Sun Card and the 2 of Spades for their Planetary Ruling Card.

Known as the unhappy giver the 9 of Diamonds has to contend with always releasing things of value or money.  Both of their karma cards are also within the Diamond suit making their focus centered all around values and money.  They are continually giving into the Queen of Diamonds who loves to spend but can also be very stingy with her wealth; and receives from the 5 of Diamond and their restlessness.  I think it’s no accident that Albert Einstein was born on Pi day (today).  Math is all about values and understanding the complexities of it needs a balance between structure and release.  When we release that makes room for something new to come in.  When we have a 9 of Diamonds show up in our yearly spread it isn’t necessarily a bad omen.  That job you may lose is really meant to go away and to open you up for a better way of working and a new job.  Everything is energy and once we release that allows for new to come in.

The 2 of Spades brings us to the heart of the Pisces part of the birthday being that this card is in the Neptune row.  Neptune is the ruler of Pisces and as we know that is everything under the surface, not seeing things or people clearly, and wearing rose-colored glasses.  This is also where dream our dreams for our future and fantasize.  It is good to dream.  Two’s are all about partnership and working together.

This birthday has three 6’s in their spread and just having one is enough to send us searching for our life’s purpose, but with three of them this makes their life be all about having a purpose.  They do not do well when they are out of sync with their chosen path.  The keys for this birthday (and today in general) are to volunteer and be of service while using your mind; let your generosity flow and go with your restlessness as it can be a great guide to show you something new in your life.  So why not take your best friend on an adventure today to find somewhere to have a spiritual experience while volunteering your time.


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