Those born today have a 10 of Diamonds as their Sun Card and the 3 of Spades for their Planetary Ruling Card.

The ‘wish fulfillment card’ is today with the 10 of Diamonds as she sits in the Jupiter/Jupiter placement.  This doubles the already double love energy of Jupiter and this planets expansiveness.  Although it isn’t without work that we achieve our goals.  Most 10 of Diamonds people experience a good amount of success and are busy in their career in their late 30’s through early 50’s when their work load balances off to a steady rhythm.  These people have a good business mind and tend to be more entrepreneurs than employees.

Adding the creative energy of the 3 of Spades to the successful 10 of Diamonds and this person’s career might be in two different fields.  They have a strong desire for doing more than one thing, whether that be having a strong spiritual practice, workout routine, or two separate businesses where one deals with health and lifestyle.  If they work through their issues around worrying so they are less stressed, they will do well.

The 10 of Diamonds has the 5 and 8 of Hearts in Saturn — this is our biggest teacher in life and where our boundaries and commitments are.  Saturn also governs our health and work.  Having a change of heart being one of the biggest issue they have because they also have the good power of love energy with the 8.  This balance generally means that during their Saturn period in their life (and a general feel overall during their entire life) ages 52-64 they will experience more popularity and enjoy the attention and may bring about a change of heart towards their current relationship.  Either way, if they do split from their partner during this time it can be a less messy split if that is what they choose.

Message for today:  Use the powerful business mind and luck of the 10 of Diamonds and the high creativity of the 3 of Spades to dive into your dreams and make them come true.

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