Those born today have a Jack of Diamonds as their Sun Card and the Queen of Hearts for their Planetary Ruling Card.

The Jack represents the younger male energy of youthfulness, creativity, and sneaky abilities has money and values written all over him.  When living on the lower side of their card they are very much like the used car salesman, telling you anything to make a sale.  On the upside if they are able to tap deep into their spiritual side their artistic, strong mental capacities, and ability to juggle more than one creative outlet (jobs) the will have a more satisfying life.  They have a desire for freedom and yet they don’t quite see the world the way the rest of us do.

Being a Pisces and having their card sit on the Magi map in the Uranus/Neptune placement gives them the desire for traveling abroad; not staying put for very long; this make great for thieves and crooks.  They have an unrealistic and idealistic view on life and do anything to keep their adventures going.

The Queen of Hearts though can make them a bit lazy in their quests — they have a child-like awe about the world being that Pisces is the youngest astrology sign, and the Queen of Hearts lives in a double Neptune placement.  If you’ve ever known a kid to get lost in their own fantasies for hours, that is very much the energy surrounding the Queen of Hearts.

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