Those born today are a double Queen with the Diamonds as their Sun Card and Spades for their Planetary Ruling Card.

Ever thought you deserved to be part of a royal family?  Well today is your day for that feeling.  The Queen of Diamonds is also worried about her money and possessions which comes mostly from her karma cards being the 3 and 9 of diamonds. Those born today tend to worry about not having enough and second guess their decisions around making money.  They can be highly creative but also know that they have to release relationships and jobs to move forward.  For some this may be a struggle while others that look inward spiritually for problem solving may have a deeper understanding about themselves and thus an easier time ending relationships and work.

The Queen of Spades brings in an element of desire for self-mastery.  She has the potential to be very business savvy and has a strong desire for stability and security around money.  Love relationships tend to be very financially focused for this Queen and she doesn’t have much luck sustaining long term relationships.

On the plus side for these Queens — they have the element of service to the people they govern.  They thrive and do best when being of service to others.  Perhaps through their business model or volunteering in their personal lives.  They want to see others succeed (but maybe not more than they want to succeed).

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