Those born today have a King of Diamonds as their Sun Card and 4 of Spades for their Planetary Ruling Card.

King of Business is more like it for those born with a King of Diamonds Sun Card.  They have a keen business mind and do well in leadership roles.  When this card show up for you in your yearly spread take advantage of this powerful energy!  Ask for that raise you’ve been wanting.  For those that are the entrepreneurial type starting a new business will do well for them.  For the person living the life of the King of Diamonds they attract those to them that are beneficial to their life.   They can be a bit of the trickster playing practical jokes.

Bringing in the stability of the 4 of Spades into their secondary main card, the King of Diamonds person will have a drive for creating stability in the work and in business only taking acceptable risks.  This brings in a strong desire for creativity in all that they do — communications, work, health, and lifestyle.  Their biggest lesson is around releasing relationships in love that are no longer serving them.  However, as all 4’s are a bit of stubbornness to them this can be harder for them to do than it is for others.

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