Those born today have an Ace of Spades as their Sun Card and a 2 of Hearts for their Planetary Ruling Card.

Regardless of having these cards for your birthday or it just happens to be in your daily card chart, today having the Ace of Spades present is a great time to start a new job, new spiritual path, new workout, new eating habits, etc… The power of the Ace is all about new beginnings.  Sometimes this comes at the cost of loosing something else or from our choice of releasing it.  In movies the Ace of Spades is the typical marked for death card – what that really means is a life transformation.  This is a card that may shake things up for you when it shows up in your yearly chart.

However, for those that are the Ace of Spades, it makes your life path more on the spiritual side.  The flip side of that is master keepers of secrets and not necessarily those of their closest friends but of their own. When taking a good look at their life spread, these Ace’s have a difficulties in love relationships.  They struggle between being of service and doing things their way.  They generally keep a lot underwraps, like their temper, until the pressure becomes too much.  They are not the greatest communicators when it comes to their needs.  The benefits in their spread is that they really do have a love of being of service to others.

Bringing in the 2 of Hearts card for their planetary ruler makes this person all about creating partnerships with their family, close friends, and being in love.  This helps them build alliances that the help keep their secrets.  This person would do well on Survivor.

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