Those born today have a 3 of Spades as their Sun Card and a 7 of Spades for their Planetary Ruling Card.

The three represent the two plus one.  Add that to the Spade suit and you have someone who will have a hard time picking one career over another and will change their occupation altogether at sometime if not many times during their lifetime.  They love both the earth and spiritual knowledge and bring this into their personal relationships.  They have a tendency to worry about their health and that of their family.  They can be creative in their expression and some may even make great writers and communicators.

Throwing a seven into the mix as their Planetary Ruling Card and this particular Pisces 3 of Spades will need to bring all of their work, health, and lifestyle into a higher more spiritual balance.  The seven splits us between the earthly and spiritual realms.  It also is our guide into our transition from earthly states into the spiritual.  For these people they will find this transition has a large undercurrent in their daily life as well as play a large role in the last part of their life.

Looking to make a transition in your life?  Book a Destiny Card reading to help you see your strengths and how to work through your struggles.


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