Those born today have a 4 of Spades Sun Card and a 5 of Hearts Planetary Ruling Card.

Fours are all about stability, satisfaction, and sometimes, yes sometimes, stubbornness.  This four in particular being a spade has a drive for satisfaction at work, with their health, and especially their lifestyle.  However, underlining that is where they sit on the Magi grid — Jupiter and Venus. The combination of these particular two planets of love, expansion, and blessings means that the 4 of Spades person may, from the outside, seem like they have a charmed life.    They do best when they keep their focus on being truthful with their word with others and to themselves.  They may at times seem a bit bi-polar with big dreams and schemes.  They can have it all, if they are really willing to work hard through their issues around money, other people’s money and stay balanced with a strong hard-working work ethic.  Basically I would say work smarter not harder to this person.

Having the 5 of Hearts as their Planetary Ruling Card can at times be a stick in the side since it is also their Neptune card.  Neptune represents that which we do not see clearly or looking at through rose-colored glasses.  They might not understand their initial change of heart in their close relationships unless the are able to get grounded and face the reality of their words, actions, and decisions.  On the flip side to that, the positive aspects of the 5 of hearts is that they are able to share love and kindness with many people, they don’t hold back.


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