Those born today have a 5 of Spades Sun Card and 6 of Hearts Planetary Ruling Card.

5’s are about change and restlessness.  The Spade suit brings all of this change and restlessness to our work, health, and lifestyle.  You may be feeling the itch to take a trip, rearrange the house, change your job, perhaps rearrange your office or desk space at work, start a new eating habit or exercise routine, etc… I personally love when 5 energy comes in because it gives me a great motivation to make changes that I have been wanting to make. Where in your life would you like to make some changes?

Now, with all that change actually comes the 6 of Hearts, and while it is all about karmic relationships — it creates a settling and peace.  This means that your relationships will not be part of what you’re able to make any changes today, unless there is a debt to be paid.  Otherwise you may feel like your relationships are taking on a special kismet feeling to it, especially the new people you meet today.

Want a personally reading to see where your Sun and Planetary Ruling card help support you and how to work through life obstacles?  Book your appointment today!


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