Those born today have a 6 of Spades Sun Card and Queen of Clubs as their Planetary Ruling Card.

What to say about the 6 of Spades.  They have a little bit more of a difficult time with life being that their first karma card is the 9 of Spades which is also one of their Saturn cards.  The 9 of spades is a strong cycle ending energy and what the 6 of Spades person will be contending with a lot in their life.  However, with all endings a new beginning comes from that and if they are able to work through their issues on the higher spiritual plane then these endings will be more transformational for them on the beneficial side instead of the chaotic side.  When it comes to love and close relationships they aren’t the most cuddly of people but more focused on a love of knowledge.  They definitely have some pessimism and self-doubt to work though if they are to have successful relationships.  If they are able to successfully navigate that 9 of Spades and desire for success in work, health, and their lifestyle they will do best to also have their work focus on traveling.

The Queen of Mean – I mean the lovely Queen of Clubs is a blessing and a curse of sorts.  For the 6 of Spades person to have this card as their Planetary Ruler they need to focus on their intuition and communication skills.  On the benefit side this will help in those situations where their jobs end, but on the flip side this may be the cause of losing their job.  The Queen of Clubs sits in the energy of Mercury and Mars.  Everything that happens quickly mixed with the energy of action, anger, aggression, and sexual energy.  They are quick-witted with their highly intuitive side but that doesn’t necessarily go over all that well with some.   When they focus their live around service work they are able to achieve a new way of thinking and communicating with others – one that is with love and has restraint.

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