Those born today have a 7 of Spades Sun Card and 8 of Hearts Planetary Ruling Card.

7’s hold the middle space in each suit.  This this the bridge between the more earthly side of the Ace through 6 cards and more spiritual cards of 8 through King.  Each 7 has a struggle of working through their earthly side and bringing that into the spiritual.  Having this 7 being the spades suit which is all about work, health, and lifestyle their focus will be there.   For example, on the lower end this could be those that steal from the work place, take short cuts with their health, and use others for more lavish lifestyles.  On the more spiritual side of this and a perfect example would be a person that ends up working in the recovery field after going through their own 12 step program.  Their message of what it was like, what happened, and what it’s like now, may really hit a cord of authenticity and a generate a feeling of ‘if this guy can do it, I can too’.

The general life issues for the 7 of Spades will feel very karmic for them.  They have 6’s as both their Pluto and Cosmic Reward cards.  6’s are our balance sheet and bring about our purpose and fate finding years.  For the 7 of Spades this is the energy around their entire life.

The 8 of Hearts is the classic playboy card.  It’s power in all things love related.  However, as with most playboys, they may know how to get what they want, but do they know how to keep it?  Their Venus or love cards are the 6 and 3 of spades, so their love relationships will mostly be through work, creativity with lifestyle and even changing up their health plans.  Think of the guy or gal that changes up going from the gym to the yoga studio because they heard the guys/gals are hotter over there and you’d have a classic 8 of Hearts person.  They will always be searching for the balance in love while driven by their desire for the very active sensual sex life, they are also very financially motivated.  They are very information oriented too. They thirst for knowledge and have a great desire to learn with a partner or solo, or with a partner, or solo.  Their Pluto card and where they give a lot of energy to in life is the Ace of Clubs which is one of our semi-fixed cards so you have to read it with the 2 of Hearts.  This energy will have a person telling you they need freedom but want to spend their freedom of solitude time with you.  Confused?  Don’t worry, they are too.  The way to the 8 of Hearts heart is to partner with them in work.

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