Those born today have the combination of the 8 of Spades Sun Card and 9 of Hearts for their Planetary Ruling Card.

The 8 gives them power and control with their work, health, and lifestyle.  They might even gravitate towards jobs in the field of health.  They are most likely to not get married but put their focus on their creativity, pursuits of working with large groups of people seeking fame.  This drive though when it shows up in your yearly spread or weekly spread is great for giving you that extra boost of ambition you might need, so use it!  8’s are like a double four looking for security and satisfaction.  They can be stubborn because they are driven by their desire for power.  They have a love of travel and always looking for a place to learn something new.  This person is more likely to travel to India to take a yoga teacher training than to take the same training in the city they currently are living in.

Let’s not forget the semi-fixed 9 of Hearts for our Planetary Ruling card today.  Being semi-fixed basically means it has a twin card, and for the 9 of Hearts that is the 7 of Diamonds — also known as the millionaires card.  However, I see many 7 of Diamonds people struggle to make ends meet. Their desire for making tons of money gets in the way of their understanding of spiritual wealth.  When we think about bringing in new things we must also be willing to sacrifice or release other things.  This is more apparent with these two cards than anywhere else in the deck.  Now with that being said… how does the 9 of Hearts planetary ruling card have to do with the person born today?  Traditionally 9’s are all about completions, graduations, endings and being that this 9 is in the Hearts suit these type endings or higher spiritual graduations will be around the heart, close friends, family, and lovers.  The spread for the 9 of Hearts is an interesting path.  They will generally be restless in love and only find partners to settle down with whom they share the same value system.  Their ultimate goal and what they are putting energy into is having the highest form of intuition and using that around sales, while their biggest life lesson as you can imagine is about commitments in relationships.


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