Have you ever wanted to understand your empathic abilities more?
How about gaining tools and confidence for using your natural abilities?
Have you wondered what other natural abilities you have or searching for ways to not be afraid of using your abilities?

Whether you are searching for a way to learn how to be more comfortable in your own skin with your abilities or wanting to give professional readings this group mentoring program is right for you.  Working in an active daily group setting will help you gain confidence in your abilities as you form a community of psychic or intuitive friends.  You will learn how to unlock any subconscious blocks, release fears and judgements you may have around your abilities, uncover all of your abilities and gain confidence using them, as well as learning how to give professional readings.

Next Group begins February 25, 2015

What to expect
3-5 hours on the written portion of the homework each week.
Weekly 1 hour calls
Daily Online Group participation
Full details can be found on the Psychic Mentoring Program page.

An initial get to know you interview with Namjeev is required to join the group mentor program.  Please contact her to begin!

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