Ahimsa – non-hurting

Practicing non-hurting we think of it mostly regarding spiders and not being an asshole in traffic or at the grocery store.  Most of the time we forget the basic meaning of Ahimsa – non-hurting of self.  This is bringing compassion to ourselves that we bring to others.  Try as you might to have complete compassion to another human being while being completely hard on ourselves.  How do you think that works out?  It doesn’t!

Most of the time we take something that is completely disturbing to ourselves (think 9-11) and sink deep into a traumatic shock of the event.  We stop allowing the moment to move within our bodies.  The fluidity of our energy stops and we send the message to our chakras (energy centers) to slow down or stop working altogether.  Can you guess what chakra stops first?  It’s the heart.  Now, I completely understand being so shocked that it’s hard to breathe.  Been there, done that, and ripped up the ticket stub.

When our chakras stop flowing this is also the moment that we stop asking questions.  This is the moment we are so overwhelmed by our emotion of a trauma that we are unable to actually remain in the present moment and we take ourselves emotionally hostage.  Most of us have a hard enough time staying present in normal everyday life but during a trauma staying present can take a strong meditation or energy work practice.

When our Negative Mind or Positive Mind are over or under active we also lose any possibility to be present.  This imbalance also happens during traumatic events.  Once we have a large enough event occur (or many tiny ones) this creates what we know as PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).  So lets actually look at that phrase a different way.  It’s an energetic disorganization of blocked energy (stress) after a traumatic event.  Once we experience or have a strong enough emotional response to an experience this creates stuck energy.  Lets equate this to throwing in a piece of sand into the wheels of a watch.  Each time the wheel hits that piece of sand it reacts.  On the chakra side of the equation each time we engage these energy center and it hits one of our stuck energy spots we react again.

Each time you hold onto a strong emotion you feel, whether it’s yours or through empathic abilities, you are actually doing more harm to yourself than what you or the other person is going through.  You are doing harm to yourself much like taking a hammer and slamming it down on a finger.  Taking ourselves emotionally hostage is even worse than physical pain, but it happens all the time.

Now that we understand this a little better let’s get back to practicing Ahimsa.  Stop thinking you know what another person is going through, it doesn’t do you or the other person any good.   You only know how you would react and are reacting to the event from your own perceived perception. This is not compassion – its complete selfishness.  As a psychic medium I do know what another person is going through on a wide range of topics at any given moment.  However, it does me or the other person no good to dwell on it – that’s creepy.  It’s like someone you don’t know starts crying because they just found out the reason you’re crying is that your boyfriend just broke up with you.  You’d probably stop crying and wonder what was wrong with that person.  Having compassion or empathy does not entitle you to take on another person’s emotions as your own to process.  It is not your karma, not your destiny.  That may sound cold, but it’s the truth.

Next time you get hit with someone else’s emotion find gratitude in the mere fact that it’s not yours.  I’m not saying become a sociopath, but understand what is important to process and what isn’t.  Stop holding onto your emotions and especially those of other people.  Now the cedar tree outside my window asked me to pass along this message.  Trees take in carbon monoxide and release oxygen.  They don’t think long and hard about it, they just do it because it’s part how they function and how they growth.  They cannot grow if they hold onto the carbon monoxide.  They cannot thrive without releasing.  We cannot thrive without releasing.  We are in physical form to experience not hoard experiences.  Ah, this is where we go terribly wrong but that’s what we do.  So why not be a bit more like the cedar tree and release emotions with each breath and do yourself a favor and quit holding onto them.

Be grateful for your feelings but practice Ahimsa and release your emotions.  Have gratitude for feeling another person’s emotions through empathic abilities and release.  Bring self-love into.  Bring patience, worthiness, and understanding into your release.  And by all means step on the spider if it will cause you more emotional harm to save its life – and that my friends is advice straight from the Dalai Lama himself.

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