As I sat contemplating what to do for December’s specials, the need for (or is there a need) for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, the growing movements towards simple living, community, and the very growing commercialism of holidays there were a few things I took into consideration. Why have we gotten so far away from community, service work, and making the gifts we give. How does this affect the growing expansion of consciousness and heightened awareness, and how this changes many of the traditional (or traditional of lately) socializing during this time of year? In old Hollywood Christmas movies we see the person or grouch as the lonely one and everyone else that is going out to parties are the ones whom are happy. Some of this may be true but as we raise our consciousness as a planet the way we interact becomes different. For may who’s empathic abilities are heightened going to a party could be actually doing harm to themselves and in a sense making them the grouch of holiday cheer. This was me for many years and why I generally don’t participate in large loud gatherings. This time of year is great for those whose Love Language is Receiving Gifts so-much-so that it could leave this person craving the gift exchanging of the holidays the rest of the year while they’re depleted. Click here to find out your love language. Being of service through volunteering at a shelter, food bank, retirement community, church, yoga center, neighbor, or anything else you can think of is the easiest way to get out of ourselves and feel that bonding of community. Selflessly serving changes our brain chemistry and helps with depression. If you suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) you might want to play ahead each winter with more volunteer work.

This is when I came up with my Black Friday Deal to offer you an opportunity to choose the amount of discount you receive for either a service for yourself or as a gift.  You may use your volunteer hours to cover up to 70% of an individual service or up to 50% for trainings. The only stipulation I have is that you be able to show proof of your volunteer hours either through email, documented volunteer hours, contact with person in charge to verify hours, etc…

However, if you’re not interested in gifting one of my services or using one for yourself I would like to encourage you to do some volunteering this holiday season on your own.

10% off any service for each hour of volunteer work you perform!

Offer good through 12/31/2014

Services up to 70% discount

Psychic Medium Readings
Destiny Card Readings
Aroma Touch Treatment
Reiki Treatment

Trainings up to 50% discount

Psychic Mentorship
Reiki Training