I disagree with this image.


Those that suffer the most within themselves don’t need to be shunned, given the tough love treatment, or cast aside.

How would you feel if when going through a tough time of sorting through your anger and restlessness that everyone abandoned you because ultimately they’re not strong enough to handle it??

Get real people. You’re not better than the person expressing frustration, they’re the ones bold enough to go through it. You think it’s fun sitting in that much anger and hate? You think that person wants to be there? They don’t, however it serves them in a way to ultimate benefit the expansion of their heart that those that refuse to look at their own anger don’t receive.

Each of us (aside from those fixed and semi-fixed cards) goes through a 12 year cycle twice in our lives where we are challenged to see our limits, responsibilities, teachers, lessons, and how we handle our anger, aggression and sexual energies within that.

When we detox chemicals and emotions from our body it isn’t pretty. We break out, we cry, and yes we release anger too. The saying ‘better out than in’ applies here. Conflict resolution is part of our journey. Our nervous system is made up of the same duality with fight or flight and rest and relax. Our body requires both. Our Auric field requires both. Relationships require both.

If you’re afraid to be around someone when they cry or are angry why are you then not afraid to be around them when they’re excited and thrilled? It’s the same intense emotions that react in the body much the same way, just an opposing end to the spectrum. We cannot maintain that level of excitement or sadness for very long. Have you ever annoyed your friends with your happiness??? It’s our fight or flight mode and we are not able to see things clearly. Rest and relax is when we’re cruising along in life all hunky dory like because we allow clarity of mind to be our guide.

I invite you to ask yourself his question. Do I have what it takes I sit with someone in their sadness? The movie What Dreams May Come is an excellent example of this. It took Robin Williams character going into the deep depression with his wife and having a willingness to stay there that the shift in her was able to begin. We are not alone in this world and the more we separate and get away from community the more damage we do to ourselves.

Don’t walk way when it’s your turn to be there for your friends or family. There may be a day when you’ll need someone there for you whose willing to stick with you in your depression, anger, sadness, and happiness.

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