As I was looking over the Destiny Cards for December and mapping out the daily posts I got a good chuckle as I realized why so many people have relationships struggles through the holidays.  There is an energy in the cards that pings back and forth between not feeling loved enough, not seeing our relationships clearly, getting very restless, and then wondering if our gifts are appropriate or not.  There is high drama around it and I’m sure that many of you can relate when looking back on previous holiday seasons.  So I’m going to make this easy for you.  There is a lot of communication around values and money during the beginning of this supercharged month.  Then about a week before Christmas we switch to the major tune to being centered all around the heart and values.

For the women out there –  in yoga a woman’s moon center changes every 2.5 days.  If you happen to be feeling frustrated or overly excited and you’re not receiving what you desire, know that this frustration will shift in a matter of hours.   That tip is also good for men out there to know about the women in your lives too.

A few tips to help you get through it all

  • Relax
  • Breathe
  • When in doubt – wait a day or too.
  • Communicate
  • Keep up a daily practice (meditate, yoga, exercise, walking).  This will help you stay centered and grounded.
  • And in good ol essential oil fun – there’s an oil for that too!  Gifting essential oils is huge this year and
My Gift To You

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