When we’re sleeping at night are we resting or are we really just working through our subconscious mind?  For me as a psychic medium I am very much active during the sleep process and I’ve talked about that before on this blog Astral Travel with Vampires and Robin Williams.  There generally isn’t a moment that I’m unaware that I am astral traveling, dreaming, or working through issues.  A perfect example may just be my sleep cycle and dream last night.  So here it goes…

Lets start with my sleeping conditions because this will come into play later.  I knew that it was going to get cold and by most other people’s standards my room was already cold at 43 degrees.  So naturally I decided to wear a hat to bed since I wasn’t interested in running the propane heater all night long when I’d be warm underneath my down comforters.  However the head is exposed so I put on the hat.


This particular dream I was told that I had a brain tumor.   Initially in the dream I thought well there has been a bunch of this type of stuff in the news lately and probably why I have the brain tumor in the dream.  This let off the initial stress about it but I did wonder what I would say publicly about it.  How would I tell my audience, readers, clients, friends, and family.  How do you write that status update?  Questions this brought up for me were, What would it mean for the rest of my life and how would it change my lifestyle?

For the moment I decided to not say anything publicly and wait until I had more information.  I had surgery pretty quickly for which I was completely conscious.  Yes they got the entire tumor in the dream.  Yes, I wondered about the bald spot of hair on my scalp from the surgery.  I am very aware of what is replaced when we take something out and checked out the entry spot and was impressed by it being very small and I put some peppermint essential oils on it; which isn’t the one I would normally suggest during this time but it’s what I used.  The recovery process was to be quick like an outpatient surgery so I was planning on not saying anything.  However post surgery it was hard to open my eyes to look around and gain my physical space awareness – this was because I was actually trying to physically open my eyes and my hat had come down over them preventing an easy open.  LOL!!!

This is where the dream then transformed into me working at a restaurant that was currently under construction and open for business.  I was pissed that to get to the dishwasher you had to basically walk through a maze but I found a shortcut and was still annoyed as to why the owner would create such a long and elaborate way to get there, everything should be streamlined and direct.

This is the entire thinking I have had.  Everything should be streamlined and direct and I always get annoyed when someone else is the boss of me.  

Then this morning while looking over my weekly spread of cards for next week since for me that starts on Thursday I realized that my dream from last night was very much just me bringing to light all of the real-time work that I’ve accomplished.  One of the benefits for me this year is a release of old ideas and ways of thinking.  So since my birthday in late September I have been in my 52 day Mercury period for my year.  This portion this year for me has been about releasing old ways of making money, releasing my worry about money, building more creativity while also establishing my self-mastery.  I am also getting ready to transition into my next 52 day cycle of Venus this week.  Thus the dream of showing me my accomplishments during this last cycle.

I can tell you due to a recent business trip I have now released a lot when it comes to old ways of making money, and having anyone have (or think they have) the boss of me roll.  This has hit more areas than just my pocketbook.  This release has really hit home in the romance and children department.  I’ve always read about the stories of when the guy knew she was the one or the top 18 cute morning text messages guys send their girlfriends and I have always been amazed that there are men out there like that.  Okay, once a boyfriend left a note saying he went out for coffee and doughnuts for us.  My point being that I feel like I don’t fit the girlfriend role very well and I’m adjusting to that concept and the freedom it affords me.

On this trip I did a lot of people watching which I love and what I learned was that men don’t hold attachment in their romantic relationships if the woman doesn’t tell them what to do, how to care for the household, what he needs to do to make her happy, etc… Basically everything that a man will bitch-moan-and-complain about in his relationship he also needs in it.  This made me realize that in my independence I’ve learned how to fix my own problems, ask the appropriate questions, create the life that I need for me to be happy and sustained.  I am the type of person that you don’t come complaining to me if you want to continue complaining about your problem after I’ve offered solutions.  In this realization I also realized that I don’t need or want to rely on someone else for anything and do not have patience for others when they need to have others fulfill that for them.  I mean, aren’t we all capable of making decisions on our own???  Yes, I realize that a lot of people call psychics to answer questions they cannot answer, but that is different.  That is more about life purpose and direction than buying a coat or rug.  I also realized this may make me updateable.

Do I care about not being undateable?  Well, not so much now that I have also come to the realization and this is what I have in consciousness been debating about sharing with the world is that I am releasing having kids this life.  As you may have read in some of my blogs over the past couple of years about I Can Have Babies, and a few others where I talk about my miscarriages this decision doesn’t come lightly or out of anger.  This decision comes from a desire of quality of life for the rest of my life and believe me growing up Mormon this wasn’t what I had planned, but it is what I am most comfortable with now.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t love kids an adore the little girl I was pregnant with and I will miss not bringing her into physical form.  However as a medium I can and have been able to communicate with her at will and this is a decision I also consulted her about.  With all that being said, I am grateful that chapter of my life is ending and I am thoroughly looking forward to the new beginning of freedom I have now created.  What would an independent partnership look and feel like anyway???  More will be revealed in time.

So watch what your dreams are telling you about your waking consciousness.  There are many layers to unfold and hold our awareness for a time, even if just during our dream state.


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