Today, October 9th, is my favorite of the Guru’s birthday – Guru Ram Das. He is known as the Guru of miracles.

As I sit and reflect on the Guru of miracles I am reminded by my spirit guides on how we normally view the process of miracles happening. But before I get into the process let me tell you a little story about my process with some words from Guru Ram Das.

A coupe years ago now I dove deep in words that Guru Ram Das spoke after having gone deep into meditation and experienced God. These words he spoke after he came back to the present moment are now the mantra So Purkh. Chanting or singing this mantra is said to uplift any man – all hu-mans!

I was on a mission to deepen my relationship and experience with what I call God. I wanted to solidify a deep change in the core of my physical spiritual being. So I set out to do this meditation for 2.5 hours. When meditating for that duration of time we experience a change in our psyche. But I still wanted more. So I meditated with this mantra for 2.5 hours a day for 40 days.

Two and a half years later the work I put into this meditation is still unfolding and I am still experiencing its magnificent beauty.

Now I’m not saying it is the mantra for everyone, it’s my favorite words from Guru Ram Das.

When we normally set out to bring miracles into our life it looks a lot like prayer doesn’t it? Sometimes begging and pleading, am I right? If we look up the word the Internet will tell us that a miracle defies natural laws. If that’s true what the point in praying for them? But we do pray for them. Why? Is it because there is no more work that we can do to bring what we need? Perhaps. Is it because what we want would seriously defy all natural laws? Most likely!

But what if there was a better way to ask for a miracle, would we do it? What if instead of praying, which just sends out the message, we decided to sit and received the blessings. What if instead of closing our heart with our vision of what the miracle is to look like we open it up and breath from it and into it? What if we allow the expansive laws of nature we already have (and don’t use) to work for us? I think we would be more powerful than our wildest dreams. I think we would experience the divine nature and blessings because we would be open to experiencing and receiving them.

Just like Abraham Hicks talks about in the Laws of Attraction. When we are happy we are in our divine path. When we are unhappy we are pushing against our life’s purpose.

By breathing into and out from all of our energy centers we are more likely to know, understand, feel, and experience our diving life purpose.

But if you need some help getting there, give me a call and I would love to help guide you along your journey.

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