How many of my readers have ever actually said “I don’t have time to be sick“? Now be honest! Now think back to this past year, how many times have you said it? Can’t remember? Okay let’s start with a more obtainable answer. How many times have you said it in the past 30 days? Past 60 days? Past 90 days?

If you’ve said it once, you’ve already said it too many times.

When we tell our body we don’t have time to be sick, what we are actually saying is that we don’t have time to be well – be healthy.

It’s true. When we are in flight or fight mode (sympathetic nervous system) our adrenalin, heart, cholesterol, and sugar cravings go up; and our digestion goes down. The immune system actually shifts left. Our T2 traps germs but has no where for them to go. When we continual to hold onto germs guess what happens? Yeah, not fun.

When we are in the rest and digest mode (parasympathetic nervous system) our T1 count kicks in and we are allowing our body to dispose of those toxins, germs, and viruses. Sometimes this produces a fever, snotty nose, sore throats, acne… This is where our immune system is really kicked into gear and keeps is well. Yes, I realize that sounds counter intuitive, but it’s true.

Not ever getting sick isn’t a good thing!

When I start to feel not-so-great I don’t think I’m about to get sick or I can’t afford to be sick. I’m grateful to know my immune system is doing it’s job. So when I think of the last time I was sick, I tend to think back to the last time I had the flu back in the early 90’s. Now if you asked the last time I ran a fever… I would say yesterday and three weeks before that. I think of those times as I’m creating a healthier body – not sick.

What to do to help??
The Aroma Touch Technique is 4 single oils and 4 oil blends used in a specific manner along the spine and bottom of the feet to bring our body back into a complete homeostasis state. I think this technique is absolutely wonderful and have seen the benefits with several clients, myself, and even my dog.

How does the Aroma Touch reset the body?

Stage 1 – Balance and Lavender
Drops the sympathetic response and elevates the parasympathetic response.

Stage 2 – On Guard and Melaleuca
Stimulates the T1 response. Lowers the sympathetic response even more, allowing the rest and digest response to increase.

Stage 3 – Deep Blue and Aromatouch
Lowers the pain response in the body. We become very relaxed.

Stage 4 – Wild Orange and Peppermint
Stimulators. Hits all the trigger points in the body and it naturally finds it’s own reset point.


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