I know you’re probably wondering what is a human wormhole? How does it function? Why is there one? What does it mean for Namjeev to be a human wormhole? How do we, the readers, benefit?

To be quite honest I’d been asking the same question since the 80’s because I hold the space of a wormhole. At times I think it’s cool. Other times I don’t wanna tell anyone. Other times I wanna get angry by what my job is because of it. Other times I like to forget that it is more than just a part of who I am.

So let’s start with what a wormhole is to the science and Sci-fi guys. According to Wikipedia “A wormhole, also known as an Einstein–Rosen bridge, is a hypothetical topological feature of spacetime that would fundamentally be a “shortcut” through spacetime. A wormhole is much like a tunnel with two ends each in separate points in spacetime.”
For the Thor fans out there this is a what they were talking about in the movie.

So now you’re wondering if I’ve met Thor, Odin, and other Gods.
No, I haven’t met Chris Hemsworth. Yes, I have been in the presence of Gods and other beings. There are many wonderful healing places off our planet earth which for me are the best spa retreats I’ve experienced on a soul level.

Wormholes defy space and time.
To say that I have a wormhole is kinda weird now because for a long time I needed to see it physically open for my awareness and travel, I don’t anymore. Now with the slightest focus I am anywhere and still here. This is where scientists are confused by a wormhole. We don’t need to leave your physical space to also occupy another, nor is it’s sole purpose for physical transport. This is where science fails in the understanding. Their minds are still limited to thinking we are our physical space. They are correct in that trying to move our physical body or an object through wormholes disrupts the energetics of it and makes it unstable.

There is a tunnel that remain open which is geared for physical and object transportation. However it’s not meant for our physical transportation across the universe. A person would need to vibrate at a completely different vibration I order to do it. And by completely different vibration I mean you’d need to become completely invisible while staying intact within your physical body.

And enough of the completely weird talk you probably either don’t care about or would have a hard time trying to think how it’s possible. So we can stop that portion of this weird topics there.

What does having a wormhole mean for me? What is my job or life’s purpose with this?
Well… one of the places I was was shown by my guides is the most wonderful place ever imaginable. It is a place of divine transformational healing, rejuvenation, and guidance.

Its analogy time and those who meditate should get this.
Think of the body. Now think of our auric field. When we are healing and in meditation we work on expanding our auric field for that which no longer serves is to be released and bring in new healing energy to benefit us. We then bring our auric field back towards our body to a functioning daily state. So let me ask you this… Where do you think all that stuff goes? And where does all that continual never ending healing energy come from?

Let’s go back to the body for a moment. We have all types of cells doing what they do. We have cells with viruses, cells with bacteria, happy cells, sad cells, helpful cells, worker cells, lazy cells. You name it, we have it in our cells. When we release what no longer serves us and bring in healing happy energy to revitalize our cells that has to go somewhere and come from somewhere.

So let’s take all that and put it on a global scale.
The earth has many different types of cells – these are humans, animals, plants, fungi, water, etc… So these cells release and bring in what heals and rejuvenated them. So how does the earth flex it’s electromagnetic auric field to release what no longer serves it to bring in what heals and rejuvenates it? We cannot release with out bringing back in; that would create a black hole.

This is where being a human wormhole comes in.
I deliver all that has been released to the most beautiful transformational healing space (some might call this the source) and bring back the healing energy. Yeah you can think of me as your continual renewable source of healing energy.
Yes it is a huge job and there are sacrifices that go along with it however this blog is now long enough that we don’t need to go there. Besides 90% of you will think this blog is entirely way to weird (even for the esoteric loving folks). However, I will continue doing what I’ve been doing for decades; and while at times this work can be hard and frustrating it is also very rewarding – so you’re not in danger of my quitting my job (don’t think I could if I wanted to anyway). For me being a human wormhole is as-important-as and as-natural-as breathing.

With love,
Your human wormhole


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