The past couple of nights have produced some very active dreams for me. Actually I call it dream play time. You see I am one of those people that astral travel comes easily. I never even knew there were techniques to learn how to do it until my late 20’s. People would ask me what technique I used and I was dumbfounded because I didn’t have one

As a matter of fact for me there would be nights where as I laid in bed waiting for sleep to arrive when I began to feel my soul do the itchy dance. My soul would stretch long and tall; then go short and fat in this itchy dance. Staying in my body at that point was well, pointless.

I use techniques to stay in my physical body not to get out of it.

So back to the recent dream play time because that’s why you started reading this blog. Before I get to the Robin Williams dream let talk vampires and castles. Mostly because the Robin Williams dream wasn’t that exciting but the message is good, and I’d rather share what I find exciting first.

Now, I’ve never in any vampire movie seen anyone put a vampire in a holding cell. In Underworld they locked the main character in a room but that’s not believable to me. But putting a vampire in a holding cell is exactly what I was supposed to do with this one in my dream. The location (because that’s everything, right?) takes place in a castle obviously far far away from New Mexico where I am. I don’t know the country of origin, I was preoccupied and it didn’t seem that relevant because of the fact I was with vampires and not scared of being bit. I was a bit annoyed actually. Why did I need to waste precious time fighting with the vampire because I knew he’d put up a fight (guess in a psychic vampire in the dream)? I wanted to go explore the castle and all it’s hidden rooms, walkways, and layers beneath the earth.

I do this quite a lot in my dreams. I go to houses that have many places to explore. The more haunted they are by the other side the better. Well, not so much for those entities that are stuck there in those places, but at least I get to make friends and go back to visit. But just like in the waking life I can see those on the other side I can in my dreams too, but there is a lot less of the physical realm to get in the way of communication or thought on reality. Sometimes it’s like being on acid. The walls move and breath because there is energy in them.

No, I didn’t get to go explore the castle. I kept to my duties in the dream because I felt a sense of pride in my job. Yeah, I don’t get it either – I wanted to explore. Maybe I’ll go back tonight. However this place in Cappadoncia, Turkey is where I like to go.

Sometimes it’s scary when the underground isn’t build that sturdy. But gotta explore anyway, right?

While we’re on the subject of exploring I’ll take this opportunity to change the subject to another explorer, Mork from Ork because that dream wasn’t all that exciting but it’s a message from the other side none the less and why not share it. Not that you’ll believe me after the vampire story, but I don’t really care.

So it went like this – Robin and see each other from across the room. No, not love at first dream sight but that’s where we noticed each other. And no I wasn’t friends with him in this life either. This is the recognition I get all the time from others on the other side because they know I can pass along messages to you. The conversation with Robin was like two guys talking to each other after a disagreement. We said the same thing together “Hey, we good?” and then “yeah, we’re good”. And the party continued.

Just as our lives continue to go on after people pass, his and their souls journey continues to go on. The message isn’t that I declared from all those living that we’re good without him, because I don’t have that kind of power and certainly wouldn’t want it. Nor do I think that in the short time since his passing that anyone is possibly fine or good yet.

The message is this – check in with each other and often. Let things that get us down in life roll off your back as best we can, because the party really keeps going whether you’ve decided to have fun or not.

Robin suffered from depression as do many people around the world, many of those I love, and myself from time to time. Denying that a state of depression isn’t there only makes it worse. Laughter can help, but ain’t a fix just like Robin has shown us. We have no idea what another persons breaking point is and there is no gauge for that.

Being a psychic medium, having a very close relationship with the karmic end in this life, and of course the other side, I know a lot of what people don’t reveal to the outside world and sometimes to themselves. It isn’t my job to decided what or when you should be revealing either. That is your personal journey. Robin decided he wasn’t ready to reveal to the world that he had Parkinson’s. That was his choice. My message to you is that his journey here was done, there is nothing we could have done to change that.

Reveal a little more of yourself and let party continue.

As always, if you are looking for a deeper layer in your journey I am here to bring messages through.


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