The #ALSicebucketchallenge has inspired Namjeev to take more action than just raising awareness and donating $100.

Why donate hours instead of dollars or ice?
•As a psychic medium I am able to communicate with those that have already passed over, have yet to enter the physical plane, plants, animals, remote view, and especially communicate with those that are not able to communicate for themselves. I want to use this gift with families of ALS.

•As a healer and essential oils wellness advocate I want to help educate on the amazing healing abilities and train many more to help in their own communities. I will be giving treatments to those close by and training family member to continue the treatments so they can save money and may even help ALS symptoms reduce or disappear.

•As we know water cannot cross the cell membrane or blood brain barrier. Essential oils can this and also deliver oxygen to the cells. This is how essential oils, which are mankind’s first medicine, may help to heal viruses, rejuvenate our cells, muscles, improve vision, hormones, endocrine and lymphatic systems, and much more!

•Donating 100 hours of my time is the equivalent of donating $12,500. Untimely the gift of communication and healing to those with ALS and their families is worth so much more than 12,500 to me, it is priceless in my heart.

Be the change in ALS
Please contact Namjeev for healing and psychic medium readings and to learn how to use essential oils to help those living with ALS and their families. Help in your community.