It’s Namjeev here and I want to tell you that You can achieve everything you want in life Starting Right Now!

Since we can’t have something for nothing here’s your homework for creating abundance.

What do you want to create and why

How do you want to feel once you’ve started experiencing what you want?

Add in some Daily Affirmations. Here are some for reference.
Daily Affirmations

Record all of it. All of your feeling words, affirmations, what’s going to happen and how good it’s going to be!

Listen to Your Own Voice telling you how, why, how good it’s going to feel, and that It Is Already Happening To You! Listen again and again. You can even listen to your own voice during your daily practice of abundance or manifestation meditations.

The really works and I’ll tell you why. We hear other people in advertisements say that we can do this or that. Have this amazing thing or accomplish a goal that is so out there it will blow our minds. This creates a belief that the person telling us believes we can do it, but is seriously lacking a key ingredient, our own belief that we can accomplish that mind blowing goal. Listening to your own voice creates a powerful energetic vibration on a cellular level.

You have the creative juice. Listening to your own voice tell you amazing things about yourself is a lightening bolt that begins the wave of energy out into the universe and brings to you what you desire because it come from you.

Have fun with your homework. I know you’re going to love listening to Yourself telling You how awesome and amazing that I already know You are!

Meditate with your recording for 31 minutes and you will balance both hemispheres of the brain. Meditate (walking meditations are good) for 2.5 hours and you will experience a shift in your psyche.

Using an essential oil for aroma therapy can be very uplifting. I personally like Wild Orange, Citrus Bliss, Elevation, Geranium, and Sandalwood.