Yes that is right. There is a meditation in existence that finds the way though our blocks of making a living by doing what’s deep inside or heart. This happens to be one of my all time favorites too! But before I get to the meditation and how to do it let’s talk about what prevents us from balance in our pocket book and heart center.

The Why. Why are there some people that just seem to already have it all? Why are there some people that just get it? Why are they so lucky? After-all they are just like you and me. They brush their teeth every day (well hopefully). They age, go to the gym, drive cars, have families, and life responsibilities just like the rest if us. So what makes them so different?

The mind. The mind has three parts. We have the positive mind, negative mind, and neutral mind. Now before you get to thinking that the lucky people who have all the prosperity come easily to them is because they have an over active positive mind, I’m here to tell you that isn’t true. Not is it true they have an over active negative mind or live life only from the neutral mind. Quite frankly when I ask most people what they think living in the neutral mind is they equate it to monastery lifestyle.

Let’s break down each power of the mind a little bit more before we dive into this powerful meditation. This understanding will help you understand better how this meditation works – which is key.

Okay, in the right frame of the positive mind we are happy. An interruption at work is welcomed with a smile. We wake up and feel a healthy amount of gratitude. In the over-active positive mind we go a little Disney princess on ourselves and others. We think everything that happens in life is good and can’t possibly understand why anyone would want to harm anyone else. Sound familiar? Know anyone like that? An under-active positive mind feels much like a low grade depression all-the-time.

Don’t hate the negative mind because of its name. The negative mind actually helps out gut intuition a lot! Ever get that feeling that something just isn’t safe or you should take a different route to work? That is your negative mind in great working order. Now, as tradition continues an over-active negative mind can lead to self deprecating language, paranoia, deep depressions. Under-active it can lead to careless behaviors when we would normally be cautious.

Neutral Mind. Can we all say that like we’re stoned? Yeah man the neutral mind. I dig it. No, this is far from the neutral mind, but it’s the carefree, nothing is gonna phase me mentality that we bring to it. Now , remember this because it’s important to understand if we’re going to make a real change during this meditation. The neutral mind is not about allowing what is to be. The neutral mind is about taking responsibility of balancing the positive and negative minds together. It’s seeing all possibilities and owning our truth.

Okay, let’s repeat that last line again. The neutral mind is about seeing all possibilities and owning our truth. That doesn’t mean the truth you think others want your to live. It’s owning the truth of what is in your heart and living it.

Sweet. So now that we have all that digested into our brain let’s talk meditation.

Karani Kriya
I’ve been doing this meditation here and there over the past 7 years. It continues to uncover the layers and reveal my hearts desires. Or maybe I wasn’t ready to step into my shoes quite yet back then. Actually now that I think about it I started doing professional reading right after I finished my first 40 day meditation practice with this meditation. Hmmm. What will it be able to do for you? What’s in your heart of hearts desires. You might not even know what you want to do or even how to make money doing it, but doing this meditation every day for 40 days will bring you closer to understanding what it is and how to do it.

How this amazing meditation works!
Posture – as seen below, sit tall with your arms at the throat level with your index and middle fingers touching. Holding the ring and pinky down with the thumb.
Index finger represents the planet Jupiter which is a blessing, love, and expansive (positive mind).
Middle finger represents the planet Saturn which is our teacher, restrictions, commitments, and challenges (negative mind).

Arms – hold the space as a circle allowing our energy to cycle through our body right at the throat chakra, supporting our noggin where our 3rd eye and crown chakra live and create a huge mixing bowl.

Now for an analogy before I get into the breath work. You know how when you go to the carnival (or families go to the carnival in movies) and they have that thing with the BIG hammer and BIG bell? Yeah? Remember how if you give it an average hammering the ball goes almost all the way up to the bell but if you hit it really hard it gives an amazing ding? That energy is very similar to what we’re creating with our breath. Let me explain. The brain is the bell, the arms are right at the average spot before reaching the bell, and the base of the spine is well the ground. Well the breath is going to work in a manner of hitting the bell quickly every time, holding it, and then allowing it to drop slowly back to the ground.

Breathing – inhale completely for 2-3 seconds. Hold for 5 seconds. Exhale slowly and completely for 10-15 seconds. Your eyes are slightly open and gazing just past the nose. Repeat for 11-31 minutes.
What this does is allows us to ground ourselves completely between each brain hitting jolt of oxygen. Each time our breath passes up past the throat chakra where our arms are we are reaffirming the balance to be created in our expansiveness, creativity, responsibility, and all sides of the brain (positive, negative, and neutral). Then the first place that perfect balance we’ve created goes is into our heart center as we begin exhaling. As we exhale our lungs hug our heart bringing power into our desires. As we inhale our heart expands our desires into the 3 facets of our mind and balancing the hemispheres of the brain.

I suggest doing this meditation for 40 days. Try it and see what it can do for you.


Essential oils to help enhance this meditation.
Rosemary and sandalwood help boost oxygen levels. Rosemary is also great at improving memory while sandalwood is great for taking you deeper into a meditative state, is uplifting.
Ylang Ylang is amazing for anxiety, calming, fear, high blood pressure, hormone balancing and relaxation.
Wild Orange is uplifting and helps with anxiety.

These oils help with many other ailments and glandular balancing. Contact me for more details.