Life always has his many many twists and turns.  I am constantly in awe about how my life keeps blessing me with what I want to manifest!  Our thoughts are very powerful…
As you know I offer many different services and am working on many different projects that range from psychic medium readings and healings to writing a book or two.  Some of which seem completely unrelated but for me they all jive together in a complementary juicy mix.  Working with essential oils is very important to me as our physical, mental, and emotional bodies are gaining strength as a planet.
What grounds you into your body?  Do you know?  Do you want to know?  What does it mean for you to be present?
Today technology is moving like a speeding bullet and we cannot go back to the innocence of the 80’s, we are rapidly changing the mass for the capacity for human consciousness.  Basically, I am noticing more and more that people are being awakened very easily to their higher consciousness and your third eye is flourishing.  This was not possible in the 80’s and it’s also not at this rate of change possible to stop it either.  So while everyone is manifesting, creating, seeing, being and living a more psychic life, there is a great deal of physical and emotional preparation that needs to happen for us to really be able to contain it and understand it within our physical being so that we don’t fuck ourselves over.
When utilizing new found abilities without the proper training, a higher sense of responsibility to ourselves and others, boundaries, appropriate behavior and communication, we actually go around offending everyone we meet.  When we have a psychic hit, vision, or feeling about someone there are so many inner workings that bring each of us to one single emotion or moment that for me or anyone to make a judgement on that emotion is only my perspective of how that emotion feels to me and acceptance of what that emotion is for the other person ceases to exist.
So how does one gain practice with non attachment or non-personal-perspective-of-others-emotions?  No, it isn’t in deep meditation.  No, it isn’t on the yoga mat.  What?  That sounds contrary to what everyone else is saying?  Well let me ask you this, what do you get out of yoga and meditation?  What do you bring to your yoga and meditation practice?  Then, what do you bring from your yoga and meditation practice into the real world?  Has sitting on the yoga mat really brought you into the present moment?  Because I guarantee you that as soon as you’ve picked up a psychic hit on someone else you quit being in the moment.  You become consumed with wanting to tell them, or how that psychic hit affected you.  So what good is an open third eye when it ultimately starts taking you away from being present?
Please don’t get me wrong – I am certainly not telling anyone to stop their yoga and meditation practice.  Actually keep it up!!!  What I want to convey here is that grounding and thinking less of ourselves and others is where it’s at.  The more you leave a situation or end a conversation with a person and completely forget what it was all about or what they were wearing or the emotions that were generated… yeah, congrats you’re in the present moment!  
Things that keep me in the present moment:  wearing heels, makeup, dressing up, shaving my legs, etc…
Why do these things keep me in the moment?  Simply because for me those things bring my awareness back to the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.  How am I standing?  Shit, am I smiling, frowning, squinting, blah-blah-blah. Am I radiating healing, love, forgiveness?
Again, what grounds you into your body and brings you present?
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