Talking with my mother tonight we got on the subject of the Destiny Cards because she was feeling a bit more restless than usual.  Since her birthday is coming up this month I went to look up her cards for this year ending and the coming up year.  Once I began to tell her about her card that represents this time period (5 of Clubs in Neptune) the only thing I could hear on the other end of the phone was laughter.

The last 52 days before our birthday is the Neptune period for our year which is what she is in right now.  While the card still has energy for our entire year it will be more relevant during the period that it holds space for.  My mother is ending her year with a 5 of Clubs.

Fives represent changes of plans, restlessness, moving, travel, etc.  The Club suit represents new ideas, communication, etc.  Neptune is the underworld or what’s under the surface but also travel and vacations or viewed as wearing rose-tinted glasses.  Combine all of these together and for a 10 of Clubs woman, which her card by-the-way is the Mental Accomplishment card, would be that she could quite possible feel like she is crawling out of her skin.  Why you ask?  Well having a lot of changes and restless with new ideas or ways of thinking that have to do with the subconscious or what is just under the surface or what we’re not aware of could be very jarring to the person that really needs to feel mentally accomplished in their life and relationships.

Now, since I am a 4 of Clubs birth card for me this makes the 5 of Clubs my 1st Karma card in my life spread.  Being that 4’s can be stubborn and represent security, having this 5 as the card that I will be paying debt to this life, I certainly understand the crawling out of my skin feeling the 5 of Clubs can generate for me.  Now I do want to be clear that this card doesn’t make everyone feel this way.  How it’s place in either a life spread or yearly spread slightly change it’s purpose for us.

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