I have joined the Magi Fellowship and currently completing my mentorship toace of clubs
become a Magi Counselor.  Basically what this means is that I am studying numerology and will be able to counsel you on many different areas of your life using this divine 20,000 year old back to the time of Atlantis numerology system.  It’s actually quite cool for me since as a kid I’ve always had an interesting view of numbers having personalities, colors and specific relationship qualities to other numbers.  You could say I’m a numbers geek.  
For you what this means is that during my training I will be offering discounted readings.  This will help me in my practice of doing readings as well as give you a discount for a few months.  Once the training is over, I will also be incorporating my psychic abilities into the readings offering a very special twist that you won’t be able to get anywhere else!  If you have a birthday that has just passed or is coming up, it’s a great time for a reading to see what the next birth cycle has in store for you.  Do you want to know more about your relationships?  I can do those too.  Want to know why you struggle in a certain area of your life? The cards show that too.  
Please contact me for more information and pricing.

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