I would have to say that most of my clients come me for psychic readings mainly because they are seeking some kind of acceptance.  Yes, we all want to feel accepted by others, but that is not the kind of acceptance that prompted me to write this blog.  I am talking about the unknown part of life that can feel overwhelming and is really difficult for most to accept or even wrap our heads around.

I live in a country where we have what’s called 1st world problems.  We don’t worry on a daily basis where our water supply is coming from or if it’s clean (although we should), we don’t worry if our young children are going to die because we see war in our town.  We don’t worry about what we say publicly on social networking (except what a s.o. would get jealous over).  And that is just to name a few real life threats that other people in the world deal with which make our unknowns seem very selfish to be worried about.  Now I’m not going to get started on the injustice of people here having a quality problem of not knowing what job offer to take because for some in our country that, like myself a couple of years ago, can not gain employment.

As our country’s financial status between the rich, richer, and the poor middle class acceptance on many levels is brought more to the forefront than ever.  So I do a lot of psychic readings that are work related.  However, I don’t just give answers to people – yes I see money coming in, or It may be a struggle but I do see a new job around the corner.  For me I look at those type of answers like I became a psychic because I got a toy from a Cracker Jack box.  I don’t mean to put down those psychics that do those types of readings, but for me when I meditate and when I need answers I am asking for what I need to do, for more to be revealed, for more understanding.  So when it comes to giving psychic readings, I want my clients to have the same opportunity for growth with what they seek.

We all know that if we had the magical answer to everything or didn’t have to work for what we want most in life that we won’t value it at all.  Same goes for acceptance.  For example, if I say that love is on the horizon and where and when they’ll meet that special someone but there is work to be done first – most people will not do the work.  They’ll fantasize on the outcome and not go inside, do the work, and become free of fears which could actually push meeting that special someone further down the road.  If we’re smart, we know that no one is perfect.  But if we’re accepting we know that we are always being prepared for all of our relationships and jobs and life, especially when it comes to us.  Being prepared for a relationship or job doesn’t stop because it arrives in our life – it is a process that is continually happening.

My personal journey with acceptance has brought me to so much beauty and peace.  Granted along the way in order to accept into my reality my deepest desires I’ve also had to release everything that I wanted and a lot of what I had along the way.  I haven’t hit the finish line with anything by far, and this journey can be at times very hard when I make it hard.  However, when I breathe in all the possibilities that are out there for me to have, I in turn release my attachment to how I think it should look and so many possibilities are at my grasp.

So when you come to me for a psychic reading, you’ll most likely receive homework from the spiritual realm because I ask what needs to be revealed to you, and I ask what you need to reach acceptance in your life.  Doing the work however is entirely up to you.


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