When you follow your intuition, you don’t need to know where it goes, you just need to know, to do what it says. So, when Namjeev gave me, clear, precise directions to my ultimate dreams, how could I possibly do anything other than giving those instructions the highest priority? My destiny was right there, “Do this, this, this,” she said. All I had to do, was do the work. I told her, I would gladly have paid $1,000.00 for the consultation, that’s how powerful it was, how important, how much of a transformation it brought about in me, but that’s incorrect. How do you quantify an event that is so monumental, that it re-wires your mind, gives you a so greatly needed fresh perspective and something so far beyond hope, that you know, “I got this.” It’s priceless and I daresay, I would gladly have given every single thing I have, that is what that 30 minutes of her time has meant to me. I’ll spend the rest of my days telling her, “Thank you,” dedicating books to her, having more consultations and I may just go register www.namjeevrocks.com.

In deepest appreciation,

Akal Sahai Singh


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