I am a psychic medium.  So what does that mean?  Well there is a short answer kind of like Wikipedia and there is the what it means to me to be a psychic medium and what it can mean for you.

The short Wiki answer…

Mediumship is the practice of certain people—known as mediums—to purportedly mediate communication between spirits of the dead and other human beings.

The NON-Wiki short answer…

I’ve been a psychic medium my entire life.  I didn’t know what I experienced wasn’t normal until you told me ‘I don’t see that’.  What it also means for me is that I’ve had to try to readjust myself constantly to what is deemed ‘normal’.    Conversations as a teenager?  I never understood why people talked about gossip, sports (even though I played sports), music, etc… because for me I saw the deeper insides of everyone, of what they were trying to communicate or hide, mostly hide.  I didn’t have other psychic medium playmates like I do now, nor did I ever have that moment of BFF recognition where you both said ‘No Way, Me Too!’  So who was I to relate to?  Who was my mirror to recognize myself in?  I didn’t and that was me as a kid and awkward teenage years.  Okay I’ll be honest, I’m still a bit awkward but for the sake of this blog post I’ll grow up a bit for you and get out of the teenager years.

The adult psychic medium…

Although I now have friends that are also psychic, it’s still different.  I mean, what I’ve learned by seeing the future and other realms for almost 40 years now, is that there is (even for me) and a fellow 31/4 Oprah Winfrey could tell you, there is very much the Law of Process.  Check out Dan Millman‘s book The Life Your Were Born To Live to find out your birth path and spiritual laws.  For now let me define my personal Law of Process for you.   Just because I have the ability to see death before it arrives it doesn’t mean I escape the grieving process when that person makes that transition.  It’s more like I go through 2 or more grieving processes.  Likewise, because I know when a relationship is over, doesn’t for a second mean that I can just give up on the ending.  Do you walk out of a movie theater as soon as you figure out the ending?  What would be the point of even buying the ticket?  We buy the ticket because we want the experience of something outside of us.   If we didn’t want that then we would be either sitting in a cave meditating or incarnating into another existence in the somewhere in the universe.   The Law of Process.

Being a psychic medium also means that while I have family and friends in this world trying to tell me what to do, I have people on the other side telling me what to do.  I’ve had an ex’s father show up (from the other side) while I was at work once and tell me to call my ex with whom at the time I was certainly not speaking with.  So after arguing with a dead man I sent text that he approved.  Turns out the ex was just in an accident and had called out to his father for help.  So in that situation I got to be of service  by letting him know without a doubt that his father hears him.   And just recently I’ve had my entire world turned upside down by another special someone on the other side telling me what to do.  In short, I was told to face my biggest fears in a very short amount of time and in the mean time get someone else to do the same thing.  Ummm, right!  That’s an easy task, NOT!!!  But I’ll do it anyway, for everyone involved, and because I know that this life isn’t about me.  It’s about what my gifts can bring to those I get to help.

So on to what you really wanted to know…

What it mean for you since I’m a psychic medium.  Well, if you’re my friend, it means that means I allow messages from the other side come though in regular conversations.  Seriously, I am always being guided to say something or rephrase how I would normally say something.  While working that gift in the negative, my co-workers in the past thought I was a know-it-all, but on the flip side working it in the positive I often now hear ‘I was just going to say that or I was just thinking that’.

For clients this means that I like to get right down business and focus on why you’re there for a psychic medium reading.  I’m not a fan of spending time telling you about your life, I mean you’re currently living it so you already know what’s been going on, I think it’s a waste of our time together to confirm.  You can read a self-help book or meditate for that, you don’t need me.  I like to get right to the heart of the issue(s).  I never liked tests in school, and I don’t like to be tested during a reading.  It irks me mostly because I can help you in so many ways, like getting you through or renegotiating a karmic situation.  What I love seeing and reading for others is your potential, your possibilities, and how to navigate towards your dreams!  I give great insight into your relationships.  I don’t need names, or birthdays to connect… your intention of someone will bring them into my sight.  I have given specific names, initials, or details about meeting potential romantic partners.  I am able to tap into future work situations, moves, etc…

another part of my world…

I have a gift of being a healer who is not bound by time and space.  As well as it is also an honor to help a soul during their transition.   These are topics for another blog post or Blog Talk Radio Show!



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