Valentine’s Day is coming…. and I usually panic with fear and hear the theme song from Jaws!  However, I’ve made the day about something else… so I only hear tiny sharks approaching now.

I have not been a fan of Valentine’s Day for most of my dating life, and for good reasons which I will not be listing here.  This blog post isn’t about that.  It is however about what I do each year and that is I make an effort to break free from the expectation of disappointment that I grew so comfortable with.  In my journey to break free from those resentments, first I decided to make the day about me and not a man or relationship.  So it’s my quit smoking day and this year I will celebrate 8 years of taking care of and loving my body.  As for letting the pink hearts into my life… well, that seems to be my endless journey this life that only a relationship with a man will help release.  So I’ll leave you with words on the body from Ramtha’s book That Elixir Called Love.

“So what is a master then?  A master is one who understands this and understands that the body is coagulated thought, indeed it is coagulated intent.  And in its marvelous complexities, it s marvelous operation, it is a tribute to who we were, not who we  are.  Who we are is to challenge who we were, to be who we are.  Do you understand?  How many of you understand?

The body lives in the past.  who we are is the present.  We use the past and challenge the past to become the present.  We use a past-coagulated thought from the present in which to exercise our intent.  And it is our job to make the past molecule – the past biorhythm, biophysical, bioscience, bioectoplasm – of intent to be our will.  And the reason we us it, it brings to the table experience and preparation.  And when it lacks we will give to it in the form of will.  Where it lacks courage, we will encourage.  When we encourage, we change those molecular peptides.

Don’t you ever think for one moment that amino acids are stable.  They are not.  And don’t you ever think for one moment that there is some rudimentary law that every day that you wake up that you are pumped full of the same chemicals; you are not.  Every one of those molecules are changelings.  Every one of them can be changed with attitude and intent.  Don’t you think for one moment that you DNA is static.  It is not.  There is a whole lot in junk DNA you have never been and is the potential of becoming that was given to you by the Gods, your progenitors or the neocortex.

Don’t you think for one moment that you body is static.  It is as pliable as the caterpillar to the butterfly.”


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