You probably didn’t know this, but I have never been good about keeping a journal.  Or I should say that I’ve had bad experiences of people reading those 1/2 kept journals, so I choose to not continue that type of writing.  Usually it was just heartache, pain, rants and updates on the latest crush that didn’t even make it to the next journal entry.  I also noticed how my pocket calendars kept better records of my life than my journals did anyway.  So I came up with the idea (I’m sure this wasn’t original) to do a gratitude journal.  It’s small enough so that I can just write one words or short sentences per line but with enough room that I can still write many things that I’m grateful for.  There are 200 sheets in this little notebook which means that’s 400 opportunities to write what I’m grateful for.  Today being 11/22/12 I have about 30 pages left to complete this cute little book that I started 1/1/11.  Maybe I’ll write more than a page a day so that I can finish at the end of this year.

So why write this blog on Thanksgiving?  After-all it is our national holiday for telling everyone thanks, eating too much food, and staring at a TV watching a parade and football.  It’s the day that social networks news feeds get bombarded by images of gratitude and beauty.  Which is great!  Please don’t misunderstand me.  Being part of the Aquarian age we see this type of thing more often than just our one day in the year.  However, I still have a small resentment with this day, just like Christmas.  Maybe I’ve become a cynic?  Nah, I really don’t like to be told what to do.

Let’s dive just a little bit deeper.  As a woman I like to by sentimental about stuff all the time.  I don’t need a special day or anything special to happen in a day to get all teary eyed and overwhelmed with joy or sadness.  My thinking is just that why do I need to get extra emotional on certain days?  Really?  You want me to get all emotional about holidays that become more commercial than their original meaning.  So obviously I don’t have kids, which I’m grateful for, and not because I don’t have to celebrate holidays.

Diving a little deeper.  I am a fearless woman.  I go where I am spiritually guided to go.  I fight for the rights of others that cannot fight for themselves.  I open my heart to God and allow myself to continue to grow and change within any given path.  I look at moving as a breath of fresh air.   I get uncomfortable when it comes to commercial and stagnant ways of looking at things.  As the sticker in the front of my gratitude journal reads “If nothing changes, nothing changes”  I really like that.

As a psychic medium that has this gift to see death as it approaches the living,  I am ultra sensitive to the frailty and beauty of this life.  Without expression in the moment to share my gratitude and thankfulness, what do I really have?

I’ll share with you my gratitude list from this morning.

  • 2727 days sober
  • 2838 days without smoking
  • God
  • Love
  • Patience
  • Grace
  • Power to sacrifice
  • Taking off my turban and cutting my hair
  • understanding
  • Letting my radiance shine
  • friends near and far
  • self-care and canceling turkey at my house
  • sleeping in
  • appropriate gifts
  • this house I get to live in
  • my babies (Duke and Naven)
  • Dr. Harijot and Chinese Medicine to help heal me
  • Reiki
  • Being psychic

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