Reiki grids utilize the power of Reiki, crystals and geometry to help deepen distance healing.  Reiki grids are used to send a continuous flow of Reiki to any person, place or situation you add into the grid.  For example I add in my pets, family, goals and then I add friends, clients and relationships.

Just like with regular distance Reiki you need to ask for their permission before sending Reiki to them or adding them to a Reiki grid.  If they are not open to receiving the healing Reiki energy, you’re wasting your time.  If you really want to send Reiki to a person you think should have some Reiki (but wouldn’t agree), try sending Reiki to your relationship with that person.

This technique is taught in a Reiki ART (Advanced Reiki Training) course and is day one of the Reiki ART/Mastery 3 day training weekend.  
Click here to view Namjeev Kaur’s Reiki training schedule.

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