Good and evil.  Positive and negative.  Love and war.  Men and women.  Yes, men and women.  We are both hue-man beings.  First we are a hue, ray of light.  Secondly we are a being… existing in the moment.  Put a little more simply, we are a ray of light existing in this moment.  We are made up of the same product.  You can’t have one without the other.  From woman, comes man.  Man provides the seed for new life.  Some say nothing is fair in love and war – they’re right.  You also can’t have a positive without a negative and good without evil.  Anything we give a value has an equal opposite value.

I’m sure we’ve all heard the expression… Quit being so_____!  Can’t you be more like ________? Or on the flip side… God I’d give anything to be________!  We get trapped into thinking that we are a product of our past highs, lows, blah and fancy moments.  Or even worse, what we think other people are projection onto us.  For example, my dad is so disappointed in me. Then we take those statements on as our own perceptions and think that we are actually a huge disappointment to the rest of the world, work place, loves, and friends.  We walk around with our heads down watching the cement.  We don’t see the beautiful trees or sky.  Heaven forbid we look up after a rain storm to see the beautiful bow the rain brings us.

Can you see the rainbow in yourself of others?  Are you transparent?  What walls, insecurities, baggage, false claims, and resentments are we holding onto that block the rays of sunlight from shining our bright colors?  Yes, I’m getting a bit girly Rainbow Bright on you.  The stories they tell about a pot of gold being at the end of the rainbow, what they’re really talking about is the endless prosperity that comes from letting our hues, and the sun shine from inside of ourselves.  So how do we do that, right?

Take a few minutes to think about your life.  Are you a participant or viewer?  Are you engaging or listening to conversations?  Are you actively participating in your relationships or just wanting them to exist?  Can I give you a hint or a nudge?  If we only exist in our relationships without actively engaging, relating (relaying with one another) we have exited.  We have vacated.  We have taken ourselves out of being and being considered part of.

Time to get back to forward motion and the best place to start is by breathing deeply.  By bringing your focus to your breath you have begun to meditate.  Then continue for a few moments or 2.5 hours if you wish.  What-ever you do, remember, you’re doing!

Now, let’s talk about yoga.  Yoga is a spiritual practice.  It yolks us, unites us with that which is greater than ourselves.  If you think in terms of baking, eggs are a great binding agent.  Eggs have yolks.  So we are binding our hues in man’s form with that which has no form.  By not eating meat, or eggs I have less in my body which binds me to an earthly form.  So naturally my physical vibration rises along with my hues.  I become more transparent.  In simple terms, what use to work for us no longer does.

How do you think Surya Namaskara got the nick name Sun Salutation?  Because people did it as the sun rises or is it possible that the practice draws in the sun’s energy into our body to help our colors shine bright?  I’ll let you ponder on that and form your own opinion.


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