So Purkh workshop

Master of Kundalini Yoga, Yogi Bhajan, said this about So Purkh.  “Once a man reached the stage of Guru because he gave the formula for acquiring infinite wealth within the values of the finite domain of human life.  His contact with God was so beautiful that he recited this shabd, So Purkh:

So Purkh niranjan har purkh miranjan har agamaa agam apaaraa.  
That primal being is pure, that ever existent, God, is immaculate.  He is endless and incomprehensible.

We’ll recite this Shabd 11 times (31 minutes).  Chant, sing or pray this Shabd 11 times per day to achieve mastery and to manifest God into your presence.  Each recitation covers 3 men in your life (father, husband, son… etc.)  It clears karma around relationships with men and when mastering this Shabd, has the power to manifest God in human form.

Many women chant this mantra to bring a higher caliber of man into their lives.  Women that are in relationships, playing this mantra in the background will help to uplift the vibration and turn the devil into a saint.

Keep with it!  The type of man you attract will change!  Believe me it works!!!

Want to check out the Shabd and practice before the workshop?

Download the Shabd and translation –  so purkh.

Get the MP3 here.


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