How many times have you asked yourself these questions.  What happened to me?  Where did I go?  How did I loose myself, yet again?  I know I have, and even just recently with all of the Kundalini Yoga and mediation that I’ve been doing – I’ve actually got to experience that line of questioning from a totally different perspective.

Imagine if you will a little girl (okay, yes it’s me) that loves music, theatrics and fairy tales of being a princess and wearing a crown.  She loves singing and going off into her own dreamland where anything is possible.  Somewhere along the journey of growing up, life and puberty things change and what use to be dreams and possibilities became fears, and insecurities.  A.K.A. the tortured years.

Flash forward about 30 some odd years and within 3 years I will have entered a new Cycle of Intelligence (every 7 years), Cycle of Consciousness (every 11 years) and Cycle of Energy (every 18 years).  Since that last change at 36 I really feel like all those possibilities and dreams I had as a kid are coming back into my reality and life.   There are several other factors that I could bring up here, but in reality, it’s all very simply a shift in Intelligence, Consciousness and Energy.

I think we can all agree that at some point life sneaks up on us and time seems to be going by faster and faster.  Let’s remember to reflect more often and take our own inventories.  I know for me, I ask these important questions more.

Where am I in life?  
Where do I want to be going?  
Am I paying attention to my relationships and how I relate with others?  
How is what I communicate being received?
What behaviors and fears do I immediately need to address?
Am I wasting time living my dreams?

I have spoken with several people one sort of spiritual path or another and at some point during a layer of transformation, we all get frustrated by not seeing results.  So let me leave you with this… LET IT GO!  Release the ideal of what the outcome look like and focus on your daily practice.  Soon you will be able to feel the shift.  Soon you will be able to look back at today and say, Wow what the _______ happen to me, with a whole new perspective.


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