In a conversation I was present in today where the ‘hot’ topic was cell regeneration and more importantly how long it takes for the body to completely regenerate every cell.

I have been practicing Reiki, energy work, Kundalini Yoga and meditate daily for a few years now.    I have experience my body make some miraculous changes – one of which is that I look younger now than I did 7 years ago.

As a Kundalini Yogi, we work on our 10 bodies.  Say what?  Okay, so our 10 bodies are…

Soul Body
Negative Mind
Positive Mind
Neutral Mind
Physical Body
Pranic Body
Subtle Body
Radiant Body

You may have noticed that the physical body doesn’t show up on that list until we’re 1/2 way through.  That is because it plays the part of housing the ability for the rest of the other bodies to work their magic.  To those new to Kundalini Yoga or yogic philosophy you may recognize what some of these are and others may seem like new age mumble jumble.  But we’ve literally just entered into a NEW AGE – the Age of Aquarius.  So all of the new age book are now the works of our time.  These terms are not going away, but will most likely become a part of your regular vocabulary.  So you might want to check out a Kundalini Yoga class near you!

In the mean time, let’s get back to the science.

The human body contains about ten trillion individual cells. Taking into account all of the specialized tissues—those that regenerate quickly and those that don’t—an adult’s bodily cells are likely to be, on average, between eleven and fifteen years old.


So many factors go into how healthy our cells are when they regenerate.  Food, quality of breath, water, exercise and reduction are just a few.   When you order food at a restaurant or when filling your basket at the grocery store are you taking into consideration the impact that food will have on your cell regeneration over the next 7 years or just whether it will give you indigestion or lactose problems?  Maybe it’s time to start.

Care for your mind, body and spirit through a daily practice of yoga and meditation… see the anti-aging results for yourself!


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