Okay, whose mind has ever gotten the better of you?  In animated cartoons we see the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other shoulder.  These little guys or gals usually resemble ourselves as devil/angel alter egos in Halloween costumes, right?  Well, what I have never seen in any animated cartoon is someone having their neutral mind pop up to give some advice.  Now that would be something to watch!

In Kundalini Yoga classes you may hear a lot of talk about the ten bodies.  What exactly are these?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  Our first body is the soul.  Second, third and forth are the negative, positive and neutral minds.  Then we finally get to our physical body at number 5.

Take a moment to think about the fact that there are three facets of the mind between the soul body and physical body.  Is it that which gives us the experience Maya?

So now that we have our soul, mind and physical body we come to the sixth body, our arcline (goes across the body from ear to ear and across the hairline and brow).  Yes, we still have 4 more bodies to go.  Anyone guess what they are?  Yeah okay, I get that you’re reading an article and cannot talk back to me, so I’ll get right on with those other 4 you’re so anxiously waiting on.

We cannot forget our aura, the energy space around the physical body, that would just be impolite.  Coming in at number 8 (why do I all of a sudden feel like Casey Kasem counting down the top 100 songs of 2011?) is the Pranic body, our breath.  Our ninth subtle body is just that, very subtle.  It helps us to see beyond our immediate surroundings and we open up to the realm of the universe.  Our intuition resides in our subtle body.  Our subtle body also houses the soul body.  Which brings us to our Radiant tenth body.  Have you ever seen someone who just radiates sunshine?  We naturally gravitate towards those people don’t we?

So in order to get to that place of radiating sunshine and oozing breaths of fresh air we must work on strengthening our 10 bodies and particularly master the 2nd, 3rd and 4th bodies – the positive, negative and neutral minds.  Besides I know that a messy negative or over active positive mind certainly do not make me look as if I’m my own version of Glinda the good witch from the Wizard of Oz.

Here are 3 meditations that will help you on your

journey of the mind!

Check out these videos that show you how-to-do these amazing meditations.

Meditation for the Negative Mind

Meditation for the Positive Mind

Meditation for the Neutral Mind


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