I’ve found that I’m able to wake up in the Amrit Vela (3-7 am) once in a while but so far not on a regular basis.  I’ve even recently moved my alarm clock across the room so that I need to get out of bed and walk across my room to turn off the alarm.  This worked great the first day, but the second day I think I snoozed my alarm 10 times (yes getting out and back in bed 10 times).   My brain came up with several good reasons for this, but none that can match or even beat the feeling that I have when I do get up and start my Sadhana.  And that is the weak excuse for not getting up and being awake during my favorite hours of the day.  Yes, the hours of 3-7 am are my favorite.  I find it very calm, peaceful and divinely blissful.

I have a strong daily practice and love the benefits of doing yoga and meditation every single day.  I can tell a difference in my day between waking up early, do yoga first thing and doing my set in the evening before bed.  However, I am at the point of healing on a whole new energetic space and finding the need to rise to the next level of happiness.  Which in the yogic 7 steps to happiness, Commitment is the very first step.  Time to break through some of the last layers of my laziness!

So why am I posting this?  I always find it easier to do create new habits within a group or being held accountable for my actions.  So…

I am enlisting your help while I challenge and committing myself to create a new habit – to wake in the Amrit Vela for Sadhana.

Why on earth do I want to do this to myself?  Sadhana is a daily spiritual practice.  It is a self-discipline where we experience the Infinite within ourselves.  In the Kundalini Yoga community we are told that Sadhana has 3 parts, Sadhana, Aradhana, and Prabhupati.  I am doing this to realize my true self.
  • Sadhana ~ cleansing the subconscious
  • Aradhana ~ connecting to the Universal Self
  • Prabhupati ~ mastery of the Universe.

Tools to help me

  1. Staying out of bed when the alarm goes off – the first time.
  2. Go to bed at 9 pm (which does not include starting a movie).
  3. Start with waking up at 6 am for 3 days and then moving the alarm up 1/2 hour every three days until I wake at 3 am (Sept 21st).
  4. Post a daily update on my progress for you to follow and encourage me, if you want.
  5. Cold shower in the morning before Sadhana.
I will love to hear from you and your experience with re-training yourself to continuously waking up in the Amrit Vela hours.
Enjoy this poem by Yogi Bhajan on Sadhana.

In sadhana the sadhu lives.

In sadhana the nectar of God’s Love rains down.

In sadhana come the blessing of Simran, Awareness, and Diving Understanding.

In sadhana is the meditation of Raj Yoga.

In sadhana see God’s glory.

In sadhana experience Infinity.

Sadhana is the daily meditation of the sadhu.

Oh Yogi! Become one with God!



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